Can A Leopard Change It's Spots?

Copyright 2016 Hillary Johnson All Rights Reserved

To those who have been following the Edward Shorter flap at the National Institutes of Health, which centers around an invitation to author and professor Edward Shorter to lecture scientists at NIH, it might be of interest that Shorter says he doesn’t “remember who made the invitation” to him to speak and that he “doesn’t know Brian Wallitt.”  Arcane sounding information on its own, assuredly, but if you’ve been attentive to the saga, you probably already know this controversial lecture featured one of the most widely-published disease-deniers aside from Simon Wessely and was delivered to NIH scientists who claim to be in learning-mode on the history and science of M.E.—as well as poised to conduct a clinical trial of moderately afflicted M.E. patients.  For many M.E. sufferers, the notion was next-to-intolerable and came like yet another tone-deaf and insulting blow to VSPs (very sick people) who have watched the NIH alternately ignore and belittle M.E. sufferers for decades.