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With an Eye View subscription of only $10/month, you will gain access to an in-depth archive of published work around M.E. and related medical and political topics by Osler's Web author, Hillary Johnson.


What is an Eye View subscription?

Eye View Exclusives

Every month, Hillary offers new and exciting updates around M.E. From medical updates, political developments around the disease, as well as unique interviews with leaders in the M.E. field - Hillary curates an ongoing exploration - continuing where Osler's Web left off.

M.E. Archive

Along with new postings, Hillary Johnson is offering a rare collection of her previously published work the first time. As an Eye View subscriber, you will be able to read definitive and groundbreaking work published in various outlets around the world, all here, on

Multimedia Center

Hillary continues to give talks, as well as podcast, radio and television interviews - championing the importance of ongoing research around M.E. Listen to and watch new and archived interviews, CNN appearances and much more.

Premium Access

With an Eye View Premium subscription (coming soon), you will gain access to even more publishings and rare interviews. Each month, Hillary will host online live Q&As, video webcasts and/or audio podcasts to enrich the Eye View subscriber content.

What kind of content is included?

In-Depth Articles

Hillary's ongoing investigative journalism around M.E. has never stopped since Osler's Web was published so many years ago. Today, you can read new, exclusive writings and previously published articles – originally released in some of the nation's top editorial publications and newspapers.

Interviews + Q&As

Interviews are key opportunities to discover specific points of view from leading voices in the M.E. field. Hillary has been engaging in debate and asking tough questions for decades. From new interviews with medical specialists and political influencers to groundbreaking releases originally commissioned by definitive news outlets - access a rich archive of answers to important questions.


Osler's Web was an important step in bringing more attention to M.E. - and it was powered by, as well as influenced, medical research around the disease. Hillary Johnson has been collecting valuable insight and sharing her findings for years. This research, along with a curated collection of vital online resources is now available to you!

Impact + Reviews

The public and medical sector's response to Osler's Web is powerful and deep. The book sparked debate and rich conversation, either in agreement or opposition. Rediscover these writings from various writers from great institutions like The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer and many more.

Support serious journalism in the M.E. field

Go beneath the surface, get behind the doors where discoveries and decisions about M.E. are being made. For just $10 / month - get immediate access now!


Why is this content paid? Why not offer free articles?

High Quality

The depth of the catalog of published work, along with Hillary's investigative journalism, represents a unique and studied approach to collecting and sharing information. All of the content available is well researched, fact-checked and developing. Countless hours go into each article's creation, including travel, months of pre-production, writing, editing, referencing and digital publishing.

Ongoing Focus and

After years of reporting and sharing vital information around M.E. - Hillary has a unique and unwavering focus and commitment to the field. You can count on her dedication, honesty and deep reflection in each of her articles, interviews and live talks. With your subscription, you can witness live developments and stay connected to Hillary as the impact around M.E. grows.

Curated and
Exclusive Content

The work and research available to Eye View subscribers are exclusively collected here, all in one place. Hillary has curated the previously and newly published content into one archive, available for you to discover. A paid subscription aids Hillary in the costs of producing rich, multi-faceted, M.E. reporting internationally.

Delivering a
Unique Platform

An Eye View subscription gives you unprecedented access to Hillary's work, in an advanced and powerful online database. Your paid subscription helps maintain this site and supports the continued research and investigation into the medical, political and human sectors that surround M.E.