Osler's Web, Uncorrected Proof, aka "Galley"

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galleys cover.jpg

Osler's Web, Uncorrected Proof, aka "Galley"



Are you a bibliophile? Would you like to own a collector’s item? Would you like to use a signed copy of Osler’s Web in an auction or raffle to raise funds for research?

The famous book that pulled the veil off the U.S. government’s failed response to an epidemic that scorched the world.  The author of Osler’s Web, Hillary Johnson, has a limited collection of both hard and softcover first editions, each of them brand new and acquired directly from the publishers. She is offering signed copies to the public for the first time. Purchasers have the option of requesting a personal inscription in addition to a signature.

Uncorrected proofs of Osler’s Web were sent to book reviewers several months before the book was published to give reviewers time to read and write reviews of the book.  Galleys, as uncorrected proofs are also known, are softcover versions, minus cover art, of the book prior to it’s being copyedited to remove typographical and other errors.  The Uncorrected Proof of Osler’s Web notes, “This is an uncorrected advance reader’s edition.  It does not reflect copyediting changes to the text or typographical corrections.  Please do not quote from this text without checking quotations against a finished copy of the book.”  Osler’s Web editor Michael Denneny believed galleys were usually a better read than the copyedited, published version.

Johnson is also offering for sale extremely rare Uncorrected Proofs, each, like the hardcover and paperback editions, is in impeccable condition.

Hillary Johnson will sign the book and if requested will personalize the inscription.

"Ms. Johnson’s book describes an important piece of recent medical history that might never have been recorded if it weren’t for her efforts.  Her carefully researched tale leaves us pondering the progress of medicine." - New York Times


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